The main building provides a wide range of co-working spaces, individual offices (from 20 m²) and open-plan office space (1,021 m²) over a total area of approximately 2,500 m².

Indoor parking spaces are available for rent or purchase. For further information, please contact Natali Müller.

Number Floor Space Price Download 3D
N°3 EG 102.10m² let
N°4 EG 92.00m² let
N°5 EG 73.00m² 1'649.-
N°6 EG 110.00m² let
N°7 EG 72.00m² let
N°8 EG 89.00m² 2'026.-
N°9 EG 73.00m² let
N°10 EG 110.00m² 247'715.-
N°11 EG 72.00m² let
N°12 EG 110.00m² 248'010.-
N°13 EG 72.00m² let
N°14 EG 44.00m² 841.-
N°16 1. OG 22.00m² let
N°17 1. OG 22.00m² let
N°18 1. OG 26.00m² let
N°19 1. OG 26.00m² let
N°20 1. OG 26.00m² let
N°21 1. OG 22.00m² let
N°22 1. OG 26.00m² let
N°23 1. OG 26.00m² let
N°24 1. OG 22.00m² let
N°25 1. OG 26.00m² let
N°26 1. OG 26.00m² let
N°27 1. OG 22.00m² let
N°15 1. OG 1’021.00m² let

Here you can gain an accurate impression of the offices in the main building. We have created a virtual tour as an added extra to give you a tantalising preview of the offices.

We invite you to view your new office right here and now. Click on the appropriate link to start your tour.


Main building office: Tour